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Welcome to Issaquah High School Activities!

Thank you for visiting the High School and learning about our clubs, activities and sports groups.  You will find information about forming clubs, or maintaining clubs on this site. This site will also be updated with FAQs about ASB sponsored events during the 2023‑24 school year. If you cannot find desired information, contact the Activities Coordinator

At Issaquah High School we have a goal to ensure that every student is able to build meaningful connections within and beyond the classroom. On this page you can find more information about ASB student leadership, clubs, and funding at Issaquah High. We encourage all students to get involved in a club, or start one of their own! Activities provide students rich extra-curricular opportunities to engage with peers, interact with dedicated advisors, and develop lifelong skills.

2023-24 Club Registration

All clubs complete the 2023-24 club registration form. Students starting new clubs during the school year must notify the activity coordinator once the registration form is completed. New clubs must be approved by the student senate following registration.

Who to contact

Activities Coordinator: Kurtis Evans 425-837-6110

Athletic Director: Jordan Halstead 425-837-6006

ASB Bookkeeper: Margaret Pfeifle 425-837-6014

Athletics Secretary: Laura Couty 425-837-6015