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School Profile


Erin Connolly

Assistant Principals:
    Carrie Anne Eveland (A–E)
    Leah Hernandez        (F–La)
    Kelly Kraft                   (Le–Ro)
    Will Buker                   (Ru–Z)

    Lori Benedict


700 2nd Avenue SE
Issaquah, WA 98027
CEEB School Code: 480-500

Issaquah High School Website
Issaquah School District Website

2022-2023 School Profile



    Hilde Tzemos           (A–Che)
    Emily Combellick    (Chf–Fr)
    Rachel Auffant        (Fs–Jo)
    Maegan Pedersen  (Jp–Mark)
    Madison McCune   (Marl–Po)
    Stacy Clawson        (Pp–Steo)
    Julianna Jenkins    (Step–Z)

Counseling Secretary:
    Maureen Lipsen

Phone:  425-837-6140
Fax:       425-837-6166

IHS Staff

In 2022-23, IHS staff includes 132 certificated and 55 classified staff. Of the certificated staff, over half have Master’s Degrees. Classified staff members, including office professionals, para-professionals, custodians, food service workers, career specialists and nurses, work collaboratively with teachers and admin to provide student support services.


Issaquah High School prepares students to fly when they leave the nest by inspiring students to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners who positively impact the world and community in which they live.

School and Community

As one of three comprehensive high schools in the Issaquah School District, Issaquah High School (IHS) takes great pride in continuing a 100+ year tradition of excellence in academic and co-curricular programs. IHS serves over 2400 students in 9th through 12th grade.

  • The school community is characterized by enthusiasm, spirit, passion, and humanity. Students, parents, and staff share an active partnership in the educational mission. The school is a green campus, has over 60 clubs and student groups, a strong music and theater program, excellent vocational and technical education opportunities and a long history of athletic excellence in the 4A KingCo League. We provide resources to help all students achieve their potential by providing opportunities of exploration in academic achievement, volunteerism and leadership.
  • IHS offers a variety of student programs for academic challenges and opportunities to earn credit including:
    • Advanced Placement (AP) program
    • College-preparatory and technical programs
    • Tech Prep – articulated programs between Issaquah School District courses and Associate Degree Programs.
    • College in the High School – articulated programs between Issaquah School District courses and Bachelor’s Degree Programs.
    • Running Start – dual enrollment college program which awards both high school and college credits.
    • Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WaNIC) – seven school districts with branch campuses that host programs for students. Some programs offer dual credit (both high school and college credit).

Student Achievement 2021-2022

  • 14 National Merit Semi-Finalists

  • 31 National Merit Commended Scholars

  • AP testing stats:
    • 813 students tested
    • 1742 exams taken
    • 27 subject areas represented
    • 88% of exams scored 3 or higher
    • 70% of exams scored 4 or higher
    • 34% of exams scored 5
    • 102 AP Scholars
    • 67 AP Scholars with Honor
    • 203 AP Scholars with Distinction
    • 1 AP International Diploma
  • In 2021-2022, 2 FCCLA groups competed at State, 2 were invited to Nationals and got a silver medal at Nationals.
  • Home to Evergreen Philharmonic, the only multi-school full symphony orchestra in the country.
  • For the 9th year in a row, the Sports Medicine team took first in State. They also had 6 students in the top 10 overall rankings.
  • The Issaquah High School DECA team competed in the International Career Development Conference. 10 students were placed in the top-20 of their event.

Class of 2023 Graduation Requirements

Issaquah High School operates on a Carnegie Credit/Unit system with two semesters, each lasting 18 weeks, and earning one credit unit for each full-year subject passed or one-half credit unit for each semester-length course passed. Classes meet 300 minutes per week for a 18 week semester. Students must earn 24 credits for graduation. Please visit the counseling website and online course guide for detailed information about each graduating class’ individual requirements.

Language Arts 4.0 credits
World History 1.5 credits
Civics 0.5 credit
U.S. History 1.0 credit
Mathematics 3.0 credits
Science 3.0 credits
Health 0.5 credit
Physical Education 1.5 credits
Fine/Applied Arts 1.0 credit
Career and Technical Ed 1.0 credit
World Language 2.0 credits
Electives 5.0 credits
  24.0 credits


Issaquah High Class of 2022 indicated the following post high school plans.

Four year college   78%
Two year college   13%

Mean SAT and Average ACT scores - 2022

  IHS State National
SAT Reading and Writing 634 539 531
SAT Math 650 535 528
ACT Composite 27 22.1 20.7


Grade Point Average is computed using semester grades for all classes starting in 9th grade. NC (Noncredit), S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory), and P (Pass) marks are excluded from calculation of GPA.

A   4.0
A-  3.7
B+ 3.3
B   3.0
B-  2.7
C+ 2.3
C   2.0
C-  1.7
Class of 2022
GPA Total % of class
3.5–4.0 323 55
3.0–3.49 139 24
2.5–2.99 66 11
2.0–2.49 39 7
1.99 & below 19 3
Total 586 100%

Advanced Placement Courses

AP Biology
AP Calculus (AB)
AP Calculus (BC)
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Economics
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP French Language
AP Human Geography
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art: 3D
AP Studio Art: 2D Design & Drawing
AP U.S. Government & Politics
AP U.S. History

Accelerated, Advanced and Honors Courses

Advanced Art
Advanced Computer Science Topics
Advanced Sales and Marketing
Advanced Spanish Conversation & Culture
Advanced Sports Medicine
Biomedical Science & Physiology
French 3 (UW Option)
French 5
Honors Literary Analysis & Composition I
Honors Literary Analysis & Composition II
Honors World History 1 & 2
Honors Spanish 2
Honors Spanish 3 (UW Option)
Symphony Orchestra 2 (Evergreen Philharmonic)
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Leadership for ASB Officers
Japanese 3 & 4 (College in the High School)
Mandarin Chinese 3

Career & Technical Ed Course Offerings

Graphic Design 1, 2
Sports Medicine
Journalism 1 - 3
Material Science
Introduction to Computer Science
Yearbook 1 - 3
Woods and Advanced Woods Technology
TV / Video Production 1 - 3
Introduction to Engineering Design
Website Design
Technical Theatre Performance & Production
Photography 1 - 3
Fashion Design and Merchandising
Child Development
American Sign Language 1 - 3
Food Science
Financial Algebra (Personal Finance)
Introduction to Culinary Arts
Sales & Marketing 1 - 3
Future Ready
Science of Forensics

Academic Honors

Issaquah High School realizes that equity among all students is a necessary practice that needs to be emphasized more. We no longer rank students within the Issaquah School District in hopes we can demonstrate to students and families that we support the holistic view of students and encourage them to fulfill a variety of personal and academic areas for growth.