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Students Display Artwork in Photography Exhibit

Students Display Artwork in Photography Exhibit

Issaquah High School last week hosted a photography exhibit featuring 182 pieces of student work and juried by art teachers Dr. Abby Winterbrook, Jenn Arras and Bethany Granberg.

Thank you to IHS photography teacher and Photography Club advisor Bridget Johns for sharing these works as well as photos of the exhibit and student photographers! To check out more of the student photography, visit our Facebook page (you can view the photos in a web browser even without a Facebook account).

Awards included:


3rd-Haleema Shaikh

2nd- Kiarra Ruff

1st- Louis Violette



3rd- Lauren Jones

2nd- Trillium Magus

1st- Elisabeth Endres



3rd- Akshay Vakharia

2nd-Elise Lee

1st-Toren Garcia



3rd- Haleema Shaikh

2nd-Charles Short

1st- Kiarra Ruff



3rd- Charles Short

2nd-Tyler Janous

1st-Kiarra Ruff



3rd-Kaila McKinnon

2nd-Haleema Shaikh

1st-Tyler Janous



3rd- Arshia Batra

2nd- Arshia Batra

1st- Lauren Jones



3rd- Toren Garcia

2nd-Kabir Vats

1st- Arshia Batra


Still Life

3rd-Lauren jones

2nd-Jasmine Lin

1st-Jasmine Lin

Photo above: first place in the "People" category, taken by Tyler Janous.
Photo below: first place in the "Portrait" category, taken by Lauren Jones.