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Game Design Students Create Diverse Array of Games

Gil Rezin, Joshua Goble and William Gannon stand in front of their Asymmetric Two-Player Cooperative Game: Duo Defense.

Issaquah High School Game Design students and staff hosted an open house in June so that family members and friends could see and even have a chance to play the games and projects that students had created.

“They all went in wildly different directions with what they wanted to build,” game design teacher Conor Tuohy said. “It's impossible not to be really proud of them.”

“But maybe you are curious and want to try playing some of these games?” Tuohy asked.

Here are a few that are playable directly through their websites:

Will, Josh, and Gil made this two-player cooperative game (one on keyboard, one on mouse). "It can be played alone, but it’s tricky," Tuohy said:

Mackenzie and Saahithi created what Tuohy described as "a delightful game" that asks the player to use portals and momentum to navigate:

And, here's a puzzle-platform game by Micah and Alex:

Way to go, Eagles! We are so excited to see what you create in the future!