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Students Safe; Bear Sighting Reported

safety and security
  • Issaquah High School

Dear Issaquah High School families,  

A bear was seen today on the edge of the Issaquah Middle School campus. The bear has since moved on into the forested area to the north of the school. One of our security officers is in the area and we have contacted the Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

Because the bear left the area quickly, we did not use a modified lockdown procedure today. Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve asked our PE department to stay on campus for the remainder of the day.  

Here are some basic animal safety precautions, in case you would like to review them with your student: 

  1. Students should always walk to and from school in groups. 

  1. Do not interact with bears or any unknown animal. 

  1. Do not feed bears or any unknown animal. 

  1. Please report any unknown animal sighting to us. 

Thank you, 
Erin Connolly 


  • Safety & Security