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SBA & WCAS State Assessments 5/23-5/25


Tuesday May 23 thru Thursday May 25 IHS students will be taking the SBA & WCAS state assessments. 

Please remember that all students need to bring non-wireless, CORDED HEADPHONES, their SCHOOL ISSUED LAPTOP, and CHARGING CABLE on the days of the assessments.  Wireless headphones and personal devices may not be used for state assessments due to the secure testing requirements.

These assessments are a key way that Issaquah High School calibrates our teaching and learning and helps to ensure our students are well prepared for graduation and beyond.  The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) for English Language Arts and Mathematics will be administered to all sophomores and some juniors and seniors that require it for their graduation pathways.  The Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) will be administered to all juniors.  Families that wish to opt their students out of state testing must request a form from the main office to do be signed and returned to Assistant Principal Carrie Anne Eveland and notify the attendance office.

Students that are not testing (freshmen & seniors) will be engaged in various other programing and activities including HIV/AIDS prevention education and sexual health education for our Seniors. Students should bring headphones compatible with the device on which they plan to view this content.  12th grade students will receive HIV/AIDS instruction in the course of the school day during this week. The law requires that parents/ guardians must preview the HIV/AIDS curriculum, which is found within the FLASH curriculum, before exempting your child. This must be done each year. The information covered can be found at FLASH preview materials - King County within lessons 9, 11 and 12. The opt out form for HIV/AIDS is here, if you wish to opt your child out of this instruction, please complete the form and submit it to your child’s principal. 


Tuesday May 23-

  • 8:00-12:30 ELA (10TH) & Science (11TH) State Testing or alternate activities
  • 12:30-1:15 All School Lunch
  • 1:20-2:52 Periods 1-4 (about 20 minutes each class)

Wednesday May 24

  • 10:10-11:40 Math State Testing (10TH) Part 1 or alternate activities
  • 11:50-12:30 Lunch
  • 12:35-2:30 Math State Testing (10TH) Part 2 or alternate activities
  • 2:35-3:45 Periods 5-7 (about 20 minutes each)
  • Testing