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IHS Change to Weekly Flex Time (Schedule)

general announcement

IHS has made some revisions to the format of our Weekly Flex time. We will be using our 70 minutes per week in 2 ways.

Each Tuesday students will visit a Homeroom at 9:25 for 30 minutes. These classes are arranged in grade level groups. The purpose of homeroom is to provide students with not only grade level specific information, but to implement student surveys, provide SEL lessons, complete required emergency drills, and communicate essential IHS information.

This will appear on a student’s schedule as a 9th period. It will NOT take place after 7th period, it will take place every Tuesday after 1st period. It’s listed as 9th period in order to work with our Skyward system. If a student is marked absent for their 9th period, or Homeroom, a robo call will take place indicating that they were absent for “9th period”, not “Homeroom.”

Each Wednesday students will use 40 minutes of Flex time at 2:55. This is similar to last year – students self-schedule to spend the time with a teacher who teaches one of their courses and uses the time for academic support or enrichment. The scheduling system is called Student Support Time, and is logged into via Classlink. There is no iPhone or Android app for this scheduling system. Students will receive confirmation emails reminding them where are scheduling for Flex time. If a student does not self schedule, they will be assigned to a teacher automatically from their current course listings. Here is a link to the video students were provided with at school to assist with Student Support Time Student Support Time - Student Tutorial (

Because it can vary where a student goes from week to week, this will not appear on a student’s schedule. Attendance is taken by teachers via Student Support Time. An email notification goes out to the parents and guardians of students who are marked (unexcused) absent from Flex time.

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