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Summer Preparation Work

Summer Readings and Assignments in Preparation for the 2024-2025 School Year

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry Summer CANVAS Assignment:

  • It is 100% Optional. 
  • Earn up to 10 Lab Points for 1st Semester.
    • Must score an 80% or higher for the overall course.
    • No missing assignments. 
  • Lots of review tutorials and activities.
  • Register through the following link:
AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading for AP Literature and Composition Students

AP Spanish Language and Culture

During the summer, I want you to enjoy the Spanish language and read/write/listen/speak about what interests you.  Do something with Spanish every day.  Also, think about your own family, friends and community.  Why do we do what we do? Think how your community is the same or different from the Spanish-speaking communities you are beginning to gain knowledge about.  You will do cultural comparisons on the exam so this is important to think about your own cultural identity/community.    

Speak Spanish every day, even if it is in front of the mirror. Please practice pronunciation and start a list of vocabulary you think might be useful. Review verb tenses or past grammar from levels 1,2,3.

Focus on only one two Spanish-speaking countries and learn as much as you can about them. 

SUMMER ASSIGNMENT  - Choose to do AT LEAST one of these activities.  Be ready to share with the class the first week of school. 

1. Watch documentaries or any videos in Spanish (maybe use subtitles at first) and listen to any podcasts in Spanish or about Spanish communities. Read about family life, identity, celebrations, sports/athletes/music/musicians that have positively impacted their community/country, and environmental/climate issues or other social challenges, etc. 

2. Keep a journal and write about what you do, did/have done, will do, want to do, etc. (present indicative, present subjunctive, preterite/imperfect, present perfect, etc.   

2. Read books or short stories that interest you -even if it is something like Harry Potter in Spanish.  

3. Enjoy music in Spanish and learn the lyrics. Find songs that don’t have a lot of slang as the AP exam doesn’t test on that.  

AP US History Please see the 2022-2023 AP US History Summer Assignment instructions.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kelly or Ms. Nelson.